Our highly skilled team of on-site assessment professionals take pride in our comprehensive and targeted approach. Our wealth knowledge and hands-on experience have taught us that no two items of plant, machinery or road transports items are the same. We conduct highly detailed inspections of our client’s equipment visually from top to bottom to ensure that they conform with current safety standards and regulations. We pride ourselves in offering Onsite Risk Assessment Services any day of the year

Through extensive usage all equipment can be damaged via overuse, misuse, or as a direct result of an accident. If you left it, or overlooked these faults they can become major and expensive headaches that can lead to serious injury. To help you prevent these scenarios from becoming a reality the team can conduct detailed and industry-compliant plant risk assessments to ensure that you stay on top of it.
By securing the services of our assessment team business owners can see a number of benefits including less down time, more order in the working environment, a higher safety profile, increased protection of your employees, safe plant & machinery, and an increased understanding of the latest standards
Our team of assessors are certified with the Civil Contractors Federation, and each one will come to your site bringing more than 15 years’ experience in Earthmoving & transport industries